1. Political decisions shall be based on facts, reason and logic. We reject ideology, manipulation and conspiracy theories and will call to account those who use them.

2. Every citizen shall be able to live, work, trade and travel wherever they want. Open borders shall faciliate free movement of people, goods, services and capital.

3. Everyone in need shall receive state support along with incentives not to depend on it, such as tax credits topping up low wages. Entitlements shall depend on the length of contribution.

4. Public education shall be free of charge, taking advantage of digitisation. Private educators shall offer free tuition for 20%+ of students that are selected purely on academic merit.

5. Crime will be reduced through advanced technology such as anonymised biometrics, AI-based crime alerts and accelerated migration to electronic payments.

6. Public health shall be improved through regular AI diagnostics, drugs tailored to patients’ genes, incentives for a healthy lifestyle and full conversion to renewable energy by 2050.

7. Taxation and regulation shall be aligned internationally and follow OECD benchmarks, aiming for ever higher levels of consumer, worker and environmental protection.

8. Public administration shall be streamlined and digitised, to be available through a “one-stop shop” web/app interface. Human support shall be offered to those struggling with technology.

9. Public infrastructure shall be enhanced to world-class levels. State-funded projects shall be expanded during economic slowdown periods to act countercyclically.

10. Armed forces shall be embedded into international defense architectures (eg PESCO). In any case, the best way to secure peace is ever tighter economic and social integration.


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