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Goliath – Serena Sloane



Serena Sloane explores the transformation of the global economy driven by global and digital forces as well as the backlash against them. “Goliath” in our story is the Occidental Model (OM) of a parliamentary democracy and a market-based economy with social corrective, underpinned by secular values such as freedom of movement, the absence of censorship, scientific enquiry and rational decision making.

The central argument of the book is that only a complete redesign of the OM will save Western society from a four-pronged assault on its pillars. At its core, the OM is challenged by profound imbalance: corporations alone drive digitisation and globalisation, leaving governments and unions in the dust. The book argues that instead of trying to stem the tide, governments, labour representatives and the media must become as global and digital as Facebook and Uber.

Given their current lack of agility, however, there is little hope of the state or big labour rising to the challenge. This provides an opportunity for a new set of players to represent citizens and workers on a global level. While unable to conserve the OM in its current form, they might yet rescue its values.